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What is Numerology?

It is a science (knowledge) used by God and given to man for divining information through the use of numbers (characters) in the birth name and date to convey potentiality about life and is considered by some scholars to be the forerunner to modern day astrology. This is very evident in these prominent name changes. A person who practices Numerology is called a numerologist.

Many attribute the rise to the science of Numerology to Pythagoras. Pythagoras was a mathematician, philosopher and theorist who was born in the sixth century BCE and in his search for truth went to Egypt where he studied. He is also reported to have studied with Zoroaster (the Persian, Iraqi/Iranian today, sage who was founder of the widely renowned wisdom of the Magi) and to have learned the Kabbalah in Judea (Israel). The science of numbers he eventually taught was based on Kabbalistic principles.

Pythagoras efforts are to be applauded because he played a very major role but this premise is not to be accepted as the only accuracy since he went to Egypt searching for truth. As students of history, we will utilize one of the more important historical books (The Holy Bible) because of its longevity and attribute the Egyptians as the true people who gave rise to the science of Numerology by way of the Hebrew and Babylonian people.

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